Papunya Tjupi Arts is a 100% Aboriginal owned and directed community
arts organisation based in Papunya, 250km NW of Alice Springs, the birthplace
of the Western Desert dot-painting movement. It supports a new generation of
artists establishing their own unique identity based on the legacy of their forefathers.
Papunya Tjupi Arts exhibits fine art paintings and prints both nationally and internationally.
Visitors are welcome to visit the art centre where they can purchase paintings,
experience our dynamic studio and learn more about the history of Papunya and its artists.

Featured Artists

  • Isobel Gorey

    Born at Laramba on Napperby Station, Isobel is the younger daughter of Warlpiri/Anmatyerre tribesman Jimmy Long Tjangala. Isobel’s mother Gloria…

  • Martha McDonald

    Born at Kintore, Martha  (a lso known by her 'bush name' of Tjulata)is the daughter of founding Papunya Tula artist…

  • Beyula Puntungka

    Daughter of pioneer Papunya Tula painter Limpi Tjapangati, Beyula grew up in Papunya with her family. As one of Papunya…

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