Browse through a selection of work by some of Papunya’s best known Australian Aboriginal artists.

  • Martha Mcdonald 418-14

    Martha McDonald

    Born at Kintore, Martha (also known by her 'bush name' of Tjulata) is the daughter of founding Papunya Tula artist…

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  • Beyula Puntungka 138-16

    Beyula Puntungka

    Daughter of pioneer Papunya Tula painter Limpi Tjapangati, Beyula grew up in Papunya with her family. As one of Papunya…

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  • Doris Bush 752-16

    Doris Bush

    Born in Haasts Bluff, Doris married George Bush Tjangala, with whom she had three sons. In the mid 1980's the family…

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  • Isobel Gorey 722-16

    Isobel Gorey

    Born at Laramba on Napperby Station, Isobel is the younger daughter of Warlpiri/Anmatyerre tribesman Jimmy Long Tjangala. Isobel’s mother Gloria…

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  • Candy Nelson 316-15

    Candy Nelson

    Candy grew up in Papunya with brothers and sisters Lindsay, Mike, Narlie and Dennis Nelson who all learnt to paint…

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  • Maureen Poulson 173-15

    Maureen Poulson

    Born at Haasts Bluff, Maureen grew up in Papunya and has lived here ever since. Her father was Nyirri (Jimmy)…

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  • Tilau Nangala 734-16

    Tilau Nangala

    Tilau is a senior law woman for Papunya and surrounding regions. Her deeply felt knowledge of country and ceremony empowers…

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  • Rosalie Miller 53-15

    Rosalie Miller

    Rosalie Miller Jugadai Napaltjarri was born in 1950 at Haasts Bluff. She is the daughter of Tilau Nangala and Henry…

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  • forSusan

    Mary Roberts

    Born at Haasts Bluff, Mary attended school there until she was eleven. When Limpi Tjapangati (Mary's maternal grandfather) passed away,…

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  • Charlotte Phillipus 509-14

    Charlotte Phillipus

    Charlotte is the eldest daughter of Long Jack Phillipus Jakamarra and his first wife Suzette Napaltjarri, who was the daughter…

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  • Narlie Nelson 514-14

    Narlie Nelson

    Born in Haasts, Narlie is the eldest child of renowned Papunya artist Johnny Warangkula Tjupurrula and his first wife Merewenjina…

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