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Welcome to Papunya Tjupi Arts Centre

Australian Aboriginal Artists of Papunya

Our painting is an important part of our culture and connection to our country.
Our teaching and passing of knowledge to the young ones keeps our future strong.
Our art centre is a community working space that allows us to provide for our families.
We are a proud people who openly share our art.

Pupanyi Tjupi Artjintalu utjurringanyi walkama-milatjaku
nganampa pitingi ngatja matupurra tjukurrpa, ngurra, kanyintjaku tjungu ngaratjaku.
Nganana pipirri wima tjutatarra nititjaku tjukurrapa palya ngaratjaku, artjinta
ngangka nganana tjungu warrkarringi, nganana pukulpangku tjungku warrka palyalpay.

Featured Artists


  • Martha McDonald

    Born at Kintore, Martha (also known by her 'bush name' of Tjulata) is the daughter of founding Papunya Tula artist…

  • Beyula Puntungka

    Daughter of pioneer Papunya Tula painter Limpi Tjapangati, Beyula grew up in Papunya with her family. As one of Papunya…

  • Doris Bush

    Born in Haasts Bluff, Doris married George Bush Tjangala, with whom she had three sons. In the mid 1980's the family…